Is Fitness a Matter of “Just Do It?”

Probably not. If it were as simple as that, I imagine we’d all be taking our daily runs and walks before the start of a glorious day, punctuated by a mid-day or post-workday workout. We’d get to bed early, sleep 8 hours, get up early, have a heart-and organ-healthy breakfast, drink 8 cups of water a day and make sure to get our greens and antioxidants in — not forgetting our lean protein sources and artery-lubricating olive oil intake.

But it’s not just a matter of “just do it”. Any life-giving routine, any naturally energizing action that we incorporate into our lives requires intention, thought, strategizing and planning. Once the mental acrobatics arena is taken care of, it’s often still not enough to ensure success.

Why not? — Because the emotions have to have their say. Maybe they don’t feel like it today or in this moment. Maybe they’re dealing with a headache or cramps or the fight that erupted just before leaving home. Or maybe it’s as simple as a sort of internal chronic, low hum, a kind of depressed, bored-with-self and bored-with-life state that doesn’t seem to go away.

Melancholy (the nice word for it) and other internal heaviness can drive us batty trying to figure out how to overcome the unseen that lurks from within. Once motivation has gotten to this level of challenge, it’s probably hitting us at a spiritual level.

So that’s my argument on “just do it”. For some of us “just do it” might work some of the time. For most of us, it’s just another pressure to add to what we’ve already put on ourselves.

This post won’t deal with overcoming “just do it” pressure — only with acknowledging that “just do it” is an oversimplified response to what is usually a much more complicated situation.

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